Winter Family - ‘How Does Time’ Cassette/Digital download available now!!

'How Does Time’ was originally commissioned for and played on a train between
the industrial city of Besançon, France through beautiful mountains and vivid valleys for 1 hour and 40 min
until it gets to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the city of watchmaking with it’s traditional, famous and very luxurious watch firms.
It is called the watchmaking train, used by french workers going each morning to work in Switzerland and coming back home each evening to France.
the tracks are defined by GPS points of the train stations on this line and fit to their rhythm and the landscape.
‘How Does Time’ is an imaginary tale about a place in which Time didn’t exist until someone came and invented it.
We recorded this piece in the train, in theses 2 cities and in our studio in Red Hook,Brooklyn just before it was drowned by Sandy.
This piece is done for travelling only, so get a walkman.
$ 7

The great , never late
Ben Von Wildenhaus has a new amazing performance video here.
and HOW HE PERFORMS is available from Psychic Mule on cassette with Digital Download while supplies last.
We also dug up some Wildenhaus historical documents and found this treasure trove of sounds!!